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Crete Nature Almanack 2018 – Summer

Summer is here, the temperatures are regularly over 30C (86F) and sometimes over 40C (104F), so there is only one place to be; the sea. The shallow waters are teeming with fish like these (Yellowtail Barracuda I think) whilst Brittlestars clamber among the rocks and Sea Hares mate among the seaweed fronds.

Flowers are few and far between in the height of summer but as you wander along the beach look out for Sea Daffodils, Yellow Horned Poppies and Sea Rocket.

If you wander inland through the grasses see if you can find some of these amazingly beautiful insects. It's a Cretan Bright Bush Cricket and you'll only find it here on Crete (if you're lucky!)

And finally... towards the end of August watch out for the massed congregations of European Barn Swallows as they gather together for their migration to sub-Saharan Africa.

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