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Lucky Insects

This week is National Insect Week in the UK and there’s loads of stuff going about saying how good insects are for us humans, but we’ve done all that, haven’t we? So, this week I thought I’d take you up to a remote valley, north of Achlia and we’d look for some lucky insects, that is, insects that are believed to bring good fortune.

As we’re starting our little expedition where the track fords a small stream let’s start by looking for Dragonflies. In many cultures, dragonflies represent good luck and prosperity. If one lands on you, you will hear good news from a close friend (but if you see a dead one, it will be sad news that you hear). If you catch one, you’ll marry within the year. This, I can confirm is not true – otherwise I’d be a polygamist! Here, on the banks of the stream, we have Broad Scarlets and Southern Skimmers, so we have a bag full of lucky points and good news on the way to start with. 

Hello, here’s our little friend from last week, the Cretan Small Heath. Butterfli…