Playing Favourites

If all goes as planned, I shall be leaving Crete, for an extended stay in the UK, in two weeks time. During my 16 years on the island, I have uploaded 3,595 observations to the iNaturalist world database of life on this planet, covering 1,276 species. This includes 116 different species of bird, and choosing a favourite is difficult. For a start, I’m not particularly a ‘birdie’ person. I love to see and hear them, but I don’t go into raptures over a lesser spotted dinglewhotsit, just because it’s been daft enough to fly in bad weather and been blown off course, and turn up in Crete where it’s never been seen before. So, I’ve chosen for my favourite, quite a common local bird, the Sardinian Warbler. These pretty little birds flt around my garden on a daily basis throughout the year, have an interesting rattling song, and nest low in the olive trees and mastic bushes. When you get to know a bird intimately, by watching its day-to-day activities, you get a whole new perspective on life.