The Owls of Muncaster Castle

I’ve often thought, that if I inherited a castle, I would know exactly what I would do with it. I would devote the grounds to wildlife conservation and invite the public in, to inform, enlighten, educate and enjoy. It seems as though I’ve been beaten to it. The Pennington family have done exactly that with Muncaster Castle, here in Cumbria. So, join me if you will, for a little walk around their garden.
One of the first things you notice is a slight dearth of manicured lawns, formal gardens and the like. Pheasants and Herons pop up like Jack-in-the-boxes from swathes of wild grasslands instead. There’s a reason for this, and the reason is owls. The more astute ornithologists among you will have noticed that the Great Grey Owl in the picture is not a native British species, they live in the more northerly latitudes of America, Europe and Asia. Muncaster Castle is the home of The World Owl Centre, dedicated to the conservation of owls and their habitat, worldwide. So, out went the fo…