Wednesday 4 December 2019

The Last Ever Crete Nature Blog?

At the end of my last blog I left you rather floundering at the Hotel Astir in Patras. Sorry about that but my own life has been a bit astir since then. To finish off that part of the story, the following day comprised a morning swim in the rooftop pool, crossing Greece from Patras to Piraeus by bus and train, then boarding the overnight ferry to Heraklion. From thence back to Ferma and home. More tiring than exciting and little time for nature watching.

I then spent the next three months finishing The Quick Guide To Creepy-Crawlies which, I am pleased to say, is now available on Amazon alongside my anthology of short stories, Not Just For Twisted Women (the ebook is now free with Kindle Unlimited). Both books can be viewed on my Author Page and both make great Christmas presents (honestly!).

So, why The Last Ever Crete Nature Blog? Well, without going into detail, at the beginning of November I began to feel a bit lost and lonely down there on the south east coast of Crete and decided to return to the UK for a couple of months and spend Christmas with the family up here in West Cumbria. I shall be returning to Crete in early January but my plans for 2020 are very fluid although I suspect that it will involve more time in the UK and less time in Crete.

I daresay that I shall continue to write next year (I can't keep quiet for too long) but after six years of the Crete Nature Blog it is time for something new. Until then, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 


Crete Nature Catch-up


  1. Thanks Steve for all your nature blogs. I came to them rather late on but enjoyed every one I read. Each one is so informative. Keep us all posted with your plans for and during 2020. In the meantime, have a cracking good Christmas and a Healthy New Year.


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