Tuesday 8 February 2022


 The #FebruaryFlowers to look out for in this month's European Nature Almanack in the north of Europe are crocuses (cyclamens in the south). I spotted these on Sunday down at Ennerdale Bridge. These are closed as it had been raining (and snowing and hailing). There are over 100 species of crocus and the autumn flowering Crocus sativa is the one that produces the spice, saffron. In Greek legend Crocus was bewitched by Smilax and transformed into the first saffron crocus.

 I'm stillpractising taking pictures with my phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S9. Being a total dinosaur, I've only been using one of these infernal devices for about a year, but I must admit, I'm getting to quite like this one. Click the pic for details.

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