Wednesday 18 January 2017

Where Three Valleys Meet

Let me take you by the hand
To a far and distant land
Where peace and tranquility reign
Where bare winter branches
Form cathedral like arches

And the earth smells of soft winter rain

Where an old olive tree
Beckons quietly to me
Indicating the route I should take
And a bubbling rill
Is beginning to fill
With leaves floating down in her wake

Where silver branched thyme
Beneath redolent pine
Seductively draws me along
As I potter and dawdle
And the warblers warble
Filling the sky with their song

Turning damp logs
And searching for frogs
A scorpion hides from the light
Dreaming her dreams
Or that’s how it seems
As she waits for the falling of night

To where solid rock walls
Cause the water to fall
Amidst lichens of yellow and blue
And a kingfisher darts
As I say from the heart
That the only thing missing
Is you

The Extra Bit

After all the physics, biology and chemistry of the past few weeks I thought I’d give you a bit of a rest with this piece of doggerel. Sometimes, in our close examination of the natural world, we can overlook the sheer beauty of our surroundings. If you’re still looking for a New Years resolution for 2017 (or the original has already fallen by the wayside) then I’d recommend an hour or two each week just being at one with nature. There’s nothing quite like it for recharging the batteries and pushing the everyday niggles of modern life into the background.

Naturalists (the facebook page that accompanies this blog)
See detailed pictures at  (search - people-stevedaniels-observations)
The Nature of Crete  (Flipboard Magazine)


  1. Well,this post is a departure, but so lovely. X

  2. Very poetic. Thanks. I woke to a dark rainy day and this lifted my spirit. x

  3. Great article! A glimpse to the mild winters of the island.
    I forwarded a link today to my mailing list. I am sending weekly emails about dental treatments and Crete.
    Giorgos Antonopoulos

    1. Thanks George - I've sent you a private message via your web site.


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