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Hey there!

Hi, I'm Matilda, Mattie for short, and I'm a Miniature Schnauzer. Steve has given me my own page...

I'm trying to keep you from photobombing my blog posts

Good luck with that! So here I'll be telling you about life in Cumbria from my point of view. Feel free to pop in and have a chat with me.


3rd August 2022

Went for a walk by the commercial greenhouses at the weekend, and came across some strange flowers, looking out of place in the middle of a field. Then I saw this sign. 'Good grief!', I thought, 'What are they growing in there, triffids?' I moved so fast, I was a blur.

20th July 2022

Back home for a rest and my back garden project: demolishing this tree branch which seeme to be sitting here for no reason at all. It's rather big, but I'll get there. What do you mean, 'I've bitten off more than I can chew'? Just watch me!

16th July 2022

It seems that no sooner had we got back from Arran than we were off again. This time down to the south of Cumbria where I went kayaking on Lake Coniston (just call me Mattie the Adventure Dog). I also went paddling but I'm not sure about the swimming malarkey, after all, I haven't worked out how to fly yet. One thing at a time. Steve's written a blog post about that too Quiet Kayaking in the South Lakes

12th June 2022

Here we are on Arran and it's a wonderful place. Plenty of beaches with smelly seaweed to be investigated. Lovely long walks on springy moss and we're sleeping in a thing called a tent which is like a house with all the comfortable things removed. If you want to see what I got up to with the humans Steve's written a blog about it Arran Special 1 - Arrival

30th May 2022

We're off to the Isle of Arran in Scotland next week. Apparently there are mountains there, so I thought I'd better get some practice in. Now, how do I get down?

21st May 2022

This is called 'Going for a walk' and it's my first one. I have to keep my servant on a lead to stop her wandering off, but I do wish she'd keep up. Lots of really interesting smells out here but that fennel didn't half niff. One thing I noticed - everything seems to be able to fly but me (although I nearly took off a couple of times when we went to that windy place called the beach). Wonder if I'll be able to fly when I'm bigger?

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9th May 2022

Two days later and I seem to have got the hang of running the house. I have one full time servant who feeds and cleans up after me, and one part time servant that I use mainly for biting practice. Now, what's this I can smell up here? Prawn crackers? Don't mind if I do. Oh, and BTW, my name seems to have been changed to Mattie-NO!

7th May 2022

This is me, aged just nine weeks, and if I look a bit hang-dog, it's because I've just travelled from Manchester where I was born, to Cumbria where I'm going to live. I came in a thing called a car, and I looked out of the window. My first introduction to the outside world was having it rush at me at fifty miles an hour.

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  1. Lovely intro, Mattie. I have a feeling that your page is going to be my favourite. X


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