Tuesday 16 November 2021

Crete Revisited


It is now sixteen months since I left Crete to move to the north west of England. An exciting chapter in my life has begun which includes a new home in a converted corn mill, new hobbies such as kayaking and a new partner in Ishbel. Despite being well travelled, Ishbel had never been to Crete before and so, last month, the pair of us flew into Heraklion for a week of discovery and rediscovery.

Staying in out-of-season Malia, we were welcomed with a furniture rattling earthquake in the early hours. It was good to be back! A quick historical introduction at the Minoan Palace turned into a natural history lesson when a few millennia were put aside by a profusion of colourful butterflies and the sudden appearance of a Dwarf Mantis.

It was also an occasion to catch up with old friends such as Steve Lenton, with whom we spent a beautiful morning on Katharo plateau searching out the unique Cretan Flora including the rare and endangered Crocus oreocreticus which can only be found in the mountains of east Crete. Above us, buzzards and a Eurasian Griffon wheeled in the cool mountain air.

Mixing business with pleasure, we went down to the old homestead in Ferma, which I am pleased to say, seems to have suffered little from a year of neglect. Nothing that a good spring clean couldn't fix. It was a happy home for Christina and I, and I hope that it will be an equally happy home for the next owners, whoever they may be. It is now on the market through Real Professionals at 89,000 euros. A bargain for someone.

All too soon it was time to say a fond farewell to the island that was my home for sixteen years and to say goodbye to the Crete Nature Blog. I shall continue the Cumbria Nature Blog until the end of the year, but next year I'll have something new for you: a monthly European Nature Almanack which will compare the things to look out for whether you're in the north or south of the continent.

All the best


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Chubby's Crematorium & Burger Bar

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The Quick Guide to Creepy-Crawlies

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Yvonne: This was a gift for a family so that the children can understand what they see on days out. The second was for me. Logical and easy to use. If you know anyone who likes nature you can be confident that gifting this book will give years of pleasure.

The Eggs of Saramova

A science fiction novella for those who don't like science fiction. A fast-paced thriller that is, literally, out of this world (and it starts right here in Crete).

Not Just For Twisted Women by Steve Daniels 

A light-hearted look at life through the eyes of the fairer sex.

Janet: If you are short on time but enjoy reading and are maybe not into long extended novels then Not Just For... Twisted Women provides readers with concise stories that stand alone and most certainly entertain with their ultimate twists. Loved it.

Helen: A very good read! Well written and entertaining!

Margaret: Each quick tale gives a glimpse into a character's life and has an often humorous twist at the end. I would love to read more.

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  1. A good read, and I'm glad everything is turning out so well for you. X

    1. It was lovely to see you and Alan while we were there. x


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