Sunday 1 October 2017

Steve's Nature Quiz #18

Kibbling? What on earth is that?

a) The brother or sister of a goat.

b) Separating the seeds from a carob pod.

c) The act of kissing and nibbling as practised in the courting rituals of many animal species (including us).

Much as I would like it to be either a) or c) the answer is the rather more mundane b). It's carob picking season here in Crete and when the harvest has been gathered in there will be an awful lot of kibbling going on around the villages. Why not tag along with us as we tour the upland villages of east Crete amid the autumn flowers and wonderful wildlife in Series 6 of the #CreteNature blog?

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  1. I will do with pleasure, this blog makes me want to visit the Greek islands again


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