Wednesday 9 December 2020

Wonderful Whinlatter


Bassenthwaite Lake from Whinlatter Forest

At the end of the First World War England had a timber shortage. To combat this, the government embarked (no pun intended) on a program of tree planting. Now, a little over one hundred years later, we have the wonderful Whinlatter Forest, England’s only true mountain forest. There are miles of well marked walking tracks, magnificent views, adventure areas for children and wicked mountain biking routes. This is where we’re off to today.

Robin, Erithacus rubecula  and Treecreeper, Certhia familiaris 

Somewhat inevitably, we have a Robin accompanying us on our walk (I think that our intrepid local guide secretly brings one with her). We also have some Treecreepers, making their way, stealthily up the trunks of the trees in search of insects. If you see a bird going up a tree, like this, then it’s probably a Treecreeper. If you see one coming down head first then it’s probably a Nuthatch.

Whinlatter is all about trees and, at this time of year, they do a roaring trade in Christmas trees. In fact, there are so many people wandering about with a section of forest under their arms, that it’s a wonder that there is any left to walk in. There’s a choice of Fir, Pine or Spruce and a handy guide as to the advantages and disadvantages of each type. For instance; Spruce is the traditional one that smells of the Christmases of childhood. It is also the one that has you picking needles out of the carpet at Easter. Pine and Fir keep their needles better and Fir has well spaced branches, ideal for decorating. Pine is a much bushier tree and has an invigorating aroma. So you pays your penny and you takes your pick. Slightly more pennies for Pine and Fir, than for Spruce.

Some of the trees have fungi growing on them. These, with their delicate, conical caps and slender stems are Bonnets, of the Mycena genus. There are over 500 of these worldwide, and telling one from another usually requires a microscope. Some are edible, some are poisonous and most aren’t worth bothering about from a culinary viewpoint. Some of them even glow in the dark. I see that Jack the navigator hound has photobombed the picture again. I wonder if we can retrain him as a truffle hound? 

News from the Corn Mill

River Derwent at Cockermouth

One of the many beauties of living here is that it’s only a ten minute walk to the middle of town, and most of that is alongside the River Derwent through the Memorial Gardens. As you can see, the river has been behaving itself very well for the past week. Hopefully it will keep doing so for the next month as the flood barrier for the front door won’t be here until next month. Must go now as the dining table and chairs have just arrived. So, until next time,

Stay happy and stay safe,


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