Tuesday 27 September 2022

Steve's History of Things 8 - Royal Memorabilia


The Coronation Collection (£45 or £41.50 with promocode below)

As the crown, orb and sceptre pass from H.M. Elizabeth II to H.M. Charles III, it is no surprise that there has been a huge upsurge of interest in royal memorabilia. Apparently, the Royal Mint website crashed when thousands of people logged on to buy commemorative coins. Google reported a 100% increase in traffic on the search tag #royalmemorabilia. Coronation mugs, such as this set, featuring George V (1910), Edward VIII, who abdicated before his coronation, (June 1936), George VI (1936), and Elizabeth II (1952), are particularly popular, as people like the idea of showcasing a succession to accompany the Charles III mug that they will undoubtedly buy upon his coronation. And indeed, a very nice display they will make too.

The Victoria Collection (£75 or £67.50 with promocode below)

Collecting royal memorabilia goes back centuries. The earliest known items were manufactured for the restoration of Charles II back in 1660, plates I believe. Things really began to take off in Queen Victoria's reign, particularly towards the end. These two mugs, one celebrating the length of her reign (1896) by William Whiteley (misprinted as William Whitel on the base), the other, a diamond jubilee mug (1897) by Samuel Radford, are quite collectable, even though they have suffered some wear and tear over the last century and a quarter.

The Elizabeth II Jubilee Collection (£40 or £36 with promocode below)

Jubilee mugs are also interesting. These started with Queen Victoria's golden jubilee in 1887, followed by the diamond jubilee mug in 1897 (see above). These are considered rare, as is all commemorative memorabilia from Victoria's reign (according to the Running Imp web site). Queen Elizabeth II holds the record for the most jubilees: silver (1977), golden (2002), diamond (2012), and platinum (2022). If you have the latest two, but are missing the silver and golden, here is a set that also includes a coronation mug from 1952.

The Elizabeth II Wedding Anniversary Collection (£15 or £13.50 with promocode below)

And finally Royal Wedding and wedding anniversary mugs are also currently en point. This pair celebrate the silver and golden wedding anniversaries of Queen Elizabeth to Prince Philip in 1947. Both are in fine bone china, with the Silver Anniversary being by Aynsley.

I hope that you find something here to augment your collection, and don't forget, there is a 10% discount if you use the promocode below when ordering. There is only one of each set, so it's first come, first served I'm afraid.

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