Thursday 2 January 2020

2O2O Vision

The Crete Nature Blog is back... but with a difference. It may not always be coming from Crete. So maybe it should be renamed The Crete Plus Nature Blog. Life is a-changing for me at the moment and this coming year is going to be a bit of an adventure, mainly because I haven't got a clue what's in store but I have a feeling that there may be some dramatic and abrupt changes. Watch this space!

But what better way to start the year than a walk in the English countryside on a bright and frosty morning?

This is Wordsworth country; Cockermouth in Cumbria and along the roadside verges a 'host of golden daffodils' are showing their first shoots through the frozen soil ready to burst forth in the first days of Spring.

The trees that will bring a shady green canopy against the hot summer sun show intricate patterns of denuded branches against a Forget-Me-Not sky.

This far north, 54.7°, the morning sun is very low in the sky and illuminates the moss on this branch overhanging Bitter Beck at an oblique angle.

Whereas here, in this little copse the sunlight hardly penetrates at all and eldritch faces grin down from the sylvan gloom.

But let us return now to a warm fire and a hot cup of tea and pause a while en route to look at two of the symbols of the Yuletide just passed. The holly in full berry sustaining the birds through the rest of the winter. They prefer sweeter berries but blackbirds, waxwings, thrushes and robins will all partake.

And talking of the Robin, a more recent symbol of Christmas as opposed to Yule, here is one perching in somebody's front garden.

The daffodils, the trees, the birds and even the hot cup of tea that we are going home to drink wouldn't be here without the insects and their allies. So this year let us look after our creepy-crawlies, as they have been looking after us throughout our entire existence. If they go, we go. It's as simple as that and what better way to start than getting to know a little bit about the magnificent world of the very small? A complete overview of this often overlooked but vital part of our lives can be found here:

Crete Nature Catch-up


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