Wednesday 8 December 2021

Welcome to Winter!


After a glorious week of sunshine in Crete we returned to lashings of rain. Ishbel has a locally bought car; the windscreen wipers turn on automatically as you cross the Lancashire/Cumbria border. The rivers were rising dangerously: a large tree, travelling at speed down the River Cocker, embedded itself in the parapet of Main Street bridge in a desperate attempt to escape, and my first job was to erect the flood defences. After that it snowed and since then we've had storms Arwen and Barra to contend with. Welcome to winter!

December 1st is the beginning of 'meteorological winter'. True winter starts with the solstice on the 21st. It marks a turning point in the year – from this point, the nights, slowly but surely, begin to get shorter and the days longer. Gorse remains in flower and we eagerly await the first snowdrops, followed by the crocuses and lesser celandines. Meanwhile, in Crete, I have recorded no fewer than 64 plants in flower during the winter months.

The majority of insects rely on plants in one way or another and the numbers show a similar trend. 129 species recorded by myself in Crete in the winter months, as opposed to only 5 in Cumbria.

Birds come out more evenly, 30-40 species in each location. Despite the lack of insects, the north of England sees a great influx during the winter months as birds seek to escape the even harsher conditions of the Arctic. European migratory species tend to by-pass Crete on their journeys to sub-Saharan Africa, but as the climate warms, I have noticed that more species are choosing to overwinter in Crete.

All of which, serves as an introduction to next year's blog series: The European Nature Almanack, which I shall begin at the end of this month with things to look out for in January, both in Crete (35 degrees north of the equator) and Cumbria (55 degrees north of the equator). I'd be interested to learn of your observations if you live between those latitudes.

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