Wednesday 16 February 2022

Storm Special 1 - The Lull Before


Following our Wet Weekend in Windermere, Monday saw the River Derwent rise to just above its typical high level of 1.5M. We now have two storms coming in back to back, Dudley this afternoon and Eunice on Friday. The north of england is on AMBER ALERT.
I'll keep you updated over the next few days for what, I expect, will be rather an exciting time. Not only will there be a lot of rain but the winds are forecast to gust at over 80mph tonight.

A picture may be worth a thousand words but a video is more exciting. Keep an eye on the old, moss covered, slipway on the opposite bank over the next few days. I reckon water will be streaming down it by tomorrow morning.

I've just read the sample pages of this book about British weather, produced by the Met Office. Definitely on my books-to-get list. Very interesting and very readable. Click on the pic if you want to read the sample pages.

#MammalsInCemeteries is one of the photo themes in this months EuropeanNatureAlmanack, so here's one to start you off. This is the European Rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus, native to the Iberian Peninsula, but now to be found on every continent of the world with the exception of Antarctica. Post your February photos of #MammalsInCemeteries on our facebook page, Naturalists. The best will be included in the February round-up in next month's almanack.

I've always rated Collins Field Guides very highly. I haven't got this one yet but I've got a birthday coming up, so I may well put it on my list. :) 

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Bye for now

Storm Special 2 - Where's Dudley?

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